What We Offer


Short Wait Times

Granite State Pharmacy strives to always ensure that you experience short wait times. Since our focus is your prescriptions and overall health, you're never more than a moment's wait from the assistance of our experienced pharmacists and staff.  

Same Insurance Copays

Did you know that co-payments for prescription medications are set by your insurance company, not by the pharmacy? Since we participate in most insurance plans, you can receive more personal service for the same co-pay. 

Personal Service

The relationship you have with your pharmacist is important. You should know your pharmacist and your pharmacist should know you. That's why we make it our priority to provide nothing but the very best in professional service to all our patients.

Medication Compliance Packaging

We utilize the Dispill medication compliance packaging system for our patients that prefer the comfort and safety of knowing that they took the right medication at the right time. Click down below to learn more about how you can get started on our pill planners.

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Prescription Knowledge

Our pharmacists are knowledgeable about medications, recommended uses, and side effects. Our expertise allows us to be a resource for you on questions about your medications.  We can consult with you on everything from prescription medications to vitamins and cough and cold items.

Medicare Part D Support

Part D prescription drug plans can be difficult to understand. We are here to listen to you, answer your questions and to help make sense of your Medicare prescription drug options. Taking the time to discuss your options can save you money.